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            Metaphase Design Group Inc.
            20 South Sarah Street
            St. Louis, MO 63108

            Phone: 314-721-0700

            Home 2017-08-30T20:48:59+00:00

            Worldwide specialists in



            Leading experts in

            Ergonomic Design

            Worldwide specialists in

            Hand Intensive Products


            Leading experts in

            Ergonomic Design

            …a gold standard plan.
            The Wall Street Journal.
            Metaphase has increasingly melded scientific research and aesthetics in designing new products – changing the reputation of a field once view as frivolity.
            The Chicago Tribune.
            Metaphase doesn’t do superficial. The St. Louis firm’s designs are based on intensive research and exacting attention to detail, …a gold standard plan.
            The Wall Street Journal.
            The first step of the research is designed to help narrow down the options and truly understand what makes people tick.
            Chicago Tribune.

            Our Promise

            We use the latest human factors engineering and user-research tools?to deliver innovative designs that sell your products and make you money.

            This is The Metaphase Difference.


            Latest News

            Global Brands That?Count On Metaphase

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